Carita facials.

Mini Facial
Steam, Exfoliation and Mask

Expert Ultra-Firming Care


A unique exfoliating product that has the ability to refine skin's texture by removing dead skin cells and impurities. The specific massage routine used leaves the skin with an incredibly improved texture and radiance.
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Anti-ageing treatments with Cinetic Lifting Machine

Precious Diamond
Cells Regeneration & Nourishment

1hr 15min or 1hr 45min

A truly luxurious treatment with unrivalled anti-ageing results, these multiple facets infuse the skin with a new lease of life. The exquisite treatment uses unprecedented products which contain a fusion of plants and Diamond to prolong the youth of your skin. Your skin is sculpted and contoured with the unique Diamond of Beauty ultra firming mask to reveal a more youthful, radiant and flawless complexion.
Gold Perfection
Expert Ultra-Firming Care

1hr 15min or 1hr 45min

An unforgettable experience combining effectiveness, performance and targeted precision to vulnerable areas, to help rejuvenate the skin from the very first session targeting facial contours, complements the remarkable effectiveness of this treatment. The contours are visibly toned. The skin recaptures youthfulness, vitality and radiance.
Precious Diamond for eyes
Ultra-Firming Eye Care


This expert eye lift treatment has been created to dramatically smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.​
Genesis of Youth Booster
Ultra-Firming Care


This treatment is the perfect booster to enhance the results of the lift-firming treatment.
Supreme Wrinkle Solution
Minimises Expression Lines
Stimulates Collagen

1hr or 1hr 30min

Combining high-performance anti-ageing products, manual and specific massage techniques with Idéal PRO-LIFT, this firming and treatment has an immediate smoothing effect on the skin. Patches specially formulated for the eyes help redefine this fragile area. An exceptional care that soothes fine lines and wrinkles, firms and tones the skin for women looking for a visible and instant lifting effect.
Ultimate Lift Firming
Firming and exfoliating
The same as lift firming with the added benefit of Carita's Renovateur deep exfoliating treatment
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Ideal Solutions

Lagoon Hydration
Refreshing Replenishing Care
Dehydrated Skin

Specially designed for dehydrated and tired skin, this treatment immerses the skin in a bath of freshness, leaving it radiant and hydrated.
Bathe your skin in Polynesian lagoon water! Benefit from a combination of powerful moisturising cares, rich in lagoon water, and massage techniques (Idéal PRO-LIFTand Rénovateur) that promote the absorption of active ingredients. Emerge from this refreshing bath with plumped-up skin and a radiant complexion
Papaya Purity
Balancing Mattifying Care
Combination to Oily Skin

1hr or 1hr 1min

​Rediscover the freshness of a matte and luminous complexion for cleansed and radiant looking skin.
Designed to meet the needs of combination to oily skin, this treatment purifies the skin and restores its balance. Give your skin all the benefits of a “deep” cleansing with a professional purifying serum and Idéal PRO-LIFT. Rediscover the beauty of a glowing matte complexion.
Cotton Softness
Tender Smoothing Care
Sensitive Skin

Give into temptation with this soothing “cocoon” treatment. Your skin is soothed, supple and comfort is restored, leaving it more resistant to irritations and perfectly toned.
Entrust your skin to the gentle hands of the beauty therapist, whose soft touch immediately soothes and comforts. Designed for the most sensitive skin, this treatment combines gentle massages (Idéal PRO-LIFT and Rénovateur) and products rich in soothing and restructuring ingredient
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