Elite skincare body.

Hot Stone Caress
Relaxing, Sensorial Massage with Hot Stones


During this treatment, tensions evaporate and energy points are stimulated. Your body is revitalised and refreshed.
Silk & Cashmere Touch
Relaxing, Revitalising and Harmonising Massage​​​​​​​​​​


Relax your mind and unleash your body’s energy with this indulgent massage, combining a delightful mix of luxurious movements and pressure.
Soft Satin Skin Exfoliant
Exfoliating and Energising Massage


This luxurious treatment will leave your skin feeling nourished and smoothed, revealing its original beauty and leaving your skin exquisitely soft.
Velvet Hands
Softening, Nourishing and Protective Care


This relaxing treatment is perfect to help intensively nourish your hands leaving them exquisite to touch.
Light Legs
Softening, Nourishing and Protective Care


Relax with a beautiful foot care massage leaving them intensively nourished, soothed and relaxed.
Deep relaxing massage
back, neck and shoulders

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